It's about reaching that

a-ha moment

when we reflect on what we've discovered...
... and see how to move forward

Elizabeth Lamberts

International Qualitative Moderator

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Moderates in German and English, fluent in French
15 years experience in Healthcare, B2B, IT / Online, (FM)CG

Digital Methodologies

@ Respondents:

Online Communities
Webcam Interviews

... and new methods

I combine proven moderation experience with pioneering techniques for interacting in flexible and natural ways

Immersive Research

Where Life Happens:

Field Trips

... and custom research

My curious nature, ability to think on my feet and experience help me discover authentic insights when moderating "in the wild"

The Usual Suspects

In Studio:

Focus Groups
Depth Interviews

Sometimes a face-to-face conversation in a neutral setting is the best way to get to the heart of the matter